Epiprocare is working to bring the latest scientific knowledge from the increasingly important new area of ​​research of Epigenetics to the application in improving human health and quality of life.

An important first step is the epigenetic detection of your own organism's biological age. Epiprotime! For what? It is a reflection of our lifestyle and allows us to predict life expectancy (estimated time remaining).

But much more important: if a negative result is found, a reversal is possible!

The scientific basis for this: our genetic material, our DNA, located in every cell in our body, does not contain only the good genes necessary for our function.

Our DNA contains approximately 3,000,000,000 individual building blocks. The important genes to our cells are approximately 21,000 and make up just 1.5% of these individual components. Scattered throughout the DNA, human beings acquired during its evolution several 100,000 harmful sections similar to genes in all the cells of the body. If activated, they would interfere with the clean use of our "good" genes, attack and fragment our DNA and significantly affect the functioning of our cells. The consequence would be that millions and millions of our approximately 30 trillion cells would perish and that an aging process that progresses rapidly in the final stages would possibly cause cancer.

Fortunately, nature has created a protective shield to shut down these damaging sections of gene segments similar to our DNA. This protective shield is an epigenetic mechanism, DNA methylation. However, this epigenetic mechanism and its robustness depend on external factors of life, such as diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, toxins at work, stress and many other interdependents. These factors, and their particularly damaging combinations, make the protective epigenetic shield sacred, so that these harmful gene-like sections are activated. The result is that the aging process is rapidly advancing and the risk of developing life-threatening cancer is increasing.

For the first time, Epiprotime helps to verify the quality of your personal epigenetic protective shield that protects your DNA. This evidence allows for a clear and scientifically proven statement about the epigenetic integrity of your immune system, your circulatory system and your liver. Epiprotime allows you to determine your biological age and determine the remaining average useful life. In the event that there are holes in the protection shield, Epiprocare can work with you to determine the external factors that caused this negative result and implement a program with your participation to allow you to reverse this development, and thus by maintaining the best quality of life, to reach the high age of life originally expected.

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